Elevating: Interior Design Curation as Personal Expression

The evolution of interior design from mere decoration to a form of personal and artistic expression marks a significant shift

in how we perceive and interact with … [read more]

Elevating: The Artistic Approach to Interior Design

In the realm of interior design, the traditional notion of decorating often conjures images of selecting paint colors, fabrics,

and furniture pieces that aesthetically please and complement each other. Yet, as we delve deeper into the 21st century, a

transformative approach is emerging that challenges the conventional and elevates interior spaces to … [read more]

Ineffective Cost: Jumping from Designer to Designer

Home design, a realm where creativity meets functionality, is often undervalued in its complexity. Homeowners, in their quest

for the perfect aesthetic, sometimes fall into the trap of … [read more]


Ineffective Cost: The Importance of Consistency with Contractors

Home construction is a complex and intricate process, a symphony of planning, execution, and attention to detail. It’s a journey that

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Maintenance: Preparing Your Interiors for Winter

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Maintenance: The Essential Quarterly Home Maintenance Checklist

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Benefits: The Transformative Impact of IAD on Health & Community

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Benefits: Experience the Power of a Streamlined Process with IAD

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Integrative Design Process: Part Two

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Integrative Design Process: Part One

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Finance: How to Finance your Own Design Process

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Finance: Realistic Budgets

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Interior Architecture & Design: Trust

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Interior Architecture & Design: Sustainability

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Real Estate: Why IAD Adds Home Value Regardless of Selling or Not

It’s not just your home, but the entire street and community.

When your home and the homes around you are all updated then the value of the community goes … [read more]

Real Estate: Updating Insurance before Home Renovation

Have you been thinking about drastically spicing up your interior architecture with drop down ceilings, removing or adding walls, and completely remodeling your kitchen and bath?

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Building Codes and Standards: Not Up-to-Date?

Building Codes and Standards: Not Up-to-Date?

According to the U.S. News, most general inspections of an old house or commercial building do not check for … [read more]

Building Codes and Standards: A Timeline from Ancient to Modern

Building Codes and Standards: A Timeline from Ancient to Modern

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How HBZ Can Work With Any Budget

How HBZ Can Work With Your Budget

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